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I am really excited! Today I was finally able to get “My Books ” page finished where you will find all 4 books in the Baking Magic series!

Since starting this website and blog, I have always wanted to have a page where I can showcase the books I am publishing and perhaps also include the books I love, find very useful or have on my wishlist. Here I can also notify you, my readers, when a new book is being released or when there is a special promotion on Amazon for one of my books…like this weekend.

Cookie Magic is being offered for free in the eBook version Friday, Nov. 10 and Saturday, Nov. 11. There is also a sale on the paperback version Cookie Magic .

Book 2 - Baking Magic series

Cookie Magic










Cookie Magic is one of my favorite books…for a number of reasons. It was very much a collaborative project. I was able to hear from family, extended family, many friends and former students what some of their favorite cookie recipes were. Luckily I was also able to find some missing family faves. My husband, Peter, wanted me to make his mother’s honey cookies that he had loved. It took quite a bit of research, but luckily cousin Linda (who lives 3 provinces away) had a copy of the recipe that had been lost.

My sister-in-law suddenly realized that she did not have many of her mother’s recipes. Her mother had recently passed away. After an intensive search, she was able to find that special recipe box and finally her favorite childhood recipe which she has shared with us.  So many stories were shared about the recipe that each person so kindly contributed. Many are heirloom recipes that have been passed down for 3 or more generations…and some are just fun, because cookies are fun!

All recipes in my cookbooks are tested until they work. If you ever have a problem with one, just let me know in the comment section on the Post page or email me.

If you buy one of my books, please leave a short review on Amazon to let others know what you liked about the book. It helps others decide if this book will suit their needs.

Thanks for all your help!


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